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9.2013 – Present – Hoverboard


Co-owner of Hoverboard where we build custom-tailored web experiences across all digital devices for engaging businesses and brands.

  • Built company from the ground up by creating a full business plan, go-to market strategy and financial plan.
  • Improved records by documenting all processes, creating an easy-to-understand process for existing co-owner as well as new contractors and employees as the business scales.
  • Building client-base using networking and existing contacts in the web industry.

9.2007 – 12.2014 – FindLaw

5.2012 – 12.2014 – Web Developer (Strategic Development Team)

Maintained “Minimal Viable Product” properties in emerging web technologies. I worked as FindLaw’s thought-leader in WordPress, Responsive Design and Front-End Development.

  • Removed need for developers in website fulfillment process as lead developer on scalable platform (WordPress Multisite) by housing hundreds of websites, creating customizable themes and plugins.
  • Generated self-sustaining website that curates and categorizes legal tweets as Sole Front-End Developer on LegalGab while also working on various features on the backend using Python (Flask, Jinja2).
  • Improved on-boarding process for new team members by creating ground-up development process using mobile-first responsive coding, Git version control, local development and an easy deployment process.

1.2011 – 5.2012 – R&D Front-End Specialist

Investigated and created “value-ad” features and documented features for Web Producers in implementing. Kept development team on the forefront of the web development industry and front-end development of valid html/css on sites in a production environment. Acted as resource for Product, Marketing and Engineering on various web products and business systems.

  • Eliminated IE6/7 support by influencingInfluenced Executive Committee to align browser support threshold with the industry from .5% to 5% by presenting statistics and real-world examples. This effectively dropeped IE6/7 support.
  • Built and maintained a quality checking tool that crawls sites and returns critical client information errors. The tool is currently used by multiple teams across the organization. It streamlined the QA process and increases quality overall on FindLaw sites.
  • Streamlined QA process and increased overall quality on FindLaw sites by building and maintaining quality checking tool that crawls sites and returns critical client information errors; tool used by multiple teams across organization.
  • Proactively revamped interim mobile strategy. Streamlined the user experience by overhauling design and navigations through css3 and JavaScript.

4.2010– 1.2011 – Front-End Specialist

Worked beyond Web Producer role on special projects. Collaborated with teams, created code.

  • Increased inter-team communications by collaborating with other teams at FindLaw, working across boundaries, creating versatile HTML / CSS / JavaScript code for engineers to create web applications.
  • Saved 60 hours over 1 year by assessing current template development process, identifying need for improvement, and proposing creation of refined process, presenting findings to management with business risks and initial time investment versus long-term time savings, ensuring proposal approved and new process was created.
  • Represented FindLaw as a member of the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) by regularly participating in speaking and meet & greet events.
  • Improved team communications by building relationships outside of the Development Team through collaboration with our internal customers (i.e. Designers & Project Managers) ensuring ongoing development.

9.2007 – 4.2010 – Front-End Developer

Developed valid html/css on complex and very large web sites for attorneys. In this role, I was expected to complete sites at a high level of production, coding 5–7 per week.

  • Maintained high level productivity by completing sites, coding 5–7 per week.

9.2007 – 9.2013 – Freelance Design/Development

Provided freelance design and development working freely with other tools, platforms and directly with clients.

  • Increase client relations skills by working on sites from front to back.
  • Created Superior Campers from front to back using Mobile-First Responsive Design by working directly with client over a 2 month period, creating custom-tailored inventory WordPress plugin for client.
  • Streamline customer promotions initiative and developed complete Standard Distributing, using Responsive Design by creating “write once, publish everywhere” process centered site.


BFA, Graphic Design with Minor in Arts in Media – University of Minnesota Duluth – 5.2007

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