Superior Campers

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Superior Campers is a camper and trailer dealership in Superior, WI who deal in new and used units. I had originally designed their last site in 2008, but they were starting to outgrow their current site, and wanted more things like active inventory and an updated design. For the feature they were looking for, we thought WordPress would be a great fit because of the plethora of plugins and it would also make subsequent design updates easier down the road.


For the design we chose an earthy, natural color palette to reflect the outdoorsman feel of the company as well as showing the products they sell being used. Because the inventory section was big focal point of the site, we feature the latest 5 units on the home page as well as some broken out navigation items. We purposefully kept all of the navigation items visable, and did not hide any links under buttons or hamburger menus.

Inventory Page

The main feature of the site was the inventory piece. We wanted it to be as easy as possible to filter down to the unit the user was looking for.


After the redesign, Superior Campers has seen an uptick in business due directly to their inventory listed on the site. The inventory pages were built specifically for conversion, and we made it as easy for the user as possible to get to submit the contact form. An example would be when clicking on “Contact us about this unit” the subject line is already filled out with the unit name.

Standard Distributing

[Screenshot of Standard Distributing Website]

Standard Distributing is a convenience store distributer in Oklahoma. They had been on their old website for a while, but never had a chance to refresh it.

Previously, they were using a Front Page-like process, so they had full control of the design. The challenge was to make the site as editable as possible without giving the ability to compromise the overall design aesthetic. I utilized custom menus, widgets and the Theme Customizer as must as possible when integrating the design into WordPress.


The overall look and feel was based off the supplied logo, using the same color palette and ribbon treatment for headings on the site. The typeface used in the logo didn’t have a web version, so I matched up to “Oswald”, a similar typeface on Google Fonts.

[Screenshot of banner in]

After getting more information from the client, there were two types of users that come to the site; potential customers and current customers. Current customers a generally trying to get to the backend system, or looking at current promotions. Prospective customers are learning more about Standard and eventually contacting them. Because of these user stories, I made the “Customer Login” and “Contact” buttons as well as the phone clickable number prominent in the header of the site. The underline CSS3 animation on the header navigation ended up being very successful. I ended up putting it on CodePen, and it ended up getting over 2600 views.

Newsletter Process

On their old site, they had a way of sending out emails to clients, but had fallen behind on it due to the cumbersome process. To help the process out, I setup a MailChimp account that scrapes the RSS feed of the “News” section of the site. This creates a “write once” content approach and makes the content accessible on the website and search engines.

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