My thoughts on Squarespace (and other site builders)

Some Squarespace ads have rubbed me the wrong way. Honestly, its a little because it seems to threaten by business, but mostly because the ad-readers write off Web Design altogether (sometimes more subtle than others).I was reminded of this after I read Chris Enns’ post on Paying for Web Design vs Squarespace and it struck a cord with me. […]

Article Roundup for 01.23.2015

Hope you enjoy this week’s links. I’m taking a little different approach by adding more links, but also trying to comment more on them. Let me know what you think.

Article Roundup for 01.16.2015

Article Roundup for 01.09.2015

Article Roundup for 01.02.2015

Sorry, I took last week off and there are a lot of links this week. Enjoy!