Article Roundup for 12.12.2014

Article Roundup for 12.05.2014

Apple Thunderbolt Display: as overpriced as we think?

I’m in the market for a 13″ MacBook Pro over the next month or so. I love the idea of it’s portability, but I’m not sure I could work directly off it every day at my desk. Which brings me to looking for a monitor. I’m currently using a 27″ non-thunderbolt Cinema Display (which I’ll have to be […]

Article Roundup for 11.07.2014

Moving from Delicious to Pinboard for Article Roundups

A little “inside baseball” here. I had been using Delicious as a means to bookmark links for my Article Roundup posts (as well as a newsletter to colleages at my day job). Delicious has been through many pains over the years, being bought and sold by Yahoo! and building the app from the ground up. […]