Article Roundup for 04.03.2015

Using criticalCSS with Gulp.js

I have a site that is using Gulp.js as its task runner. I wanted to use criticalCSS on the site and because there isn’t a Gulp plugin quite yet, I had to roll it myself. I’m going to try and tackle writing the plugin myself, but for the time being, here is a quick script to […]

Link: Know These Web Dev Building Blocks

I often think about the technologies I’ve learned over the past 8 years as a Front-End Developer and wonder what it must be like for someone coming into this field. I think the best answer is to take it one tool at a time.

This article is a great comprehensive list of what should be learned as a web developer.

Know These Web Dev Building Blocks

One part I had a little issue with was the section on Development Frameworks (i.e. Bootstrap). He isn’t wrong in saying that you should know how to use these, but I would add a caveat that these frameworks aren’t the silver bullet for every project. Just because you need, say a grid system, doesn’t mean you have to start with all of Bootstrap.

Overall, a great read!

Using criticalCSS in WordPress

I’ve been obsessed with optimizing websites for awhile, and one big hurdle to a faster website is “render-blocking” JavaScript and CSS. This came up as I was trying to get a high score on Google PageSpeed Insights. Google recommends you move these scripts and css files to the bottom of the DOM (just before the […]

Article Roundup for 03.27.2015

More great links for this week. I’m off to WordCamp Atlanta 2015 today! If you happen to be going, let’s meet up! Hit me up on Twitter.