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I am very interested in interactive design, however, I believe that I know way too little. Every time I make my web site, I try something new, but it all goes to hell. for example, open my new web page in anything but Safari.
There are things I like, and things I don’t. This is why I am taking this course. I want to learn. A lot of people couldn’t tell you what web 2.0 is, what a podcast is, what and RSS reader is. These are things that the world is doing on the internet. THIS is what I want to learn. Anthony seems to know what’s up with this. A podcast as an assignment? That’s freakin’ awsome!!! PHP, CSS. I’ve only been in this class for 33 minutes and I’m already excited.

Things I know…

  • dreamweaver
  • html

Things I KINDA know…

  • css
  • rss
  • xhtml
  • podcast (or netcasting?)
  • web 2.0

What I know exists, but know nothing about

  • java
  • javaScript
  • xml

Movable Type…not so much

This interface is bad. I know I’m not very good with interface, but I do know that I can’t use this very well. I’ve used googles Blogger before, and that was easiar and I was editing the html and CSS, through trial and error.
What also doesn’t help is that my buddy is IMing me right now telling me what the iPhone can and can’t do. Hmmm…interactivity on the iPhone. How hard will it be make a widget on it (if Apple allows it)? What will websites interact like with “pinching?”

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