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Going down Central Entrance quite a bit over the last year, I have noticed the digital billboard by Pawn America. I just have to say, that they are working on that thing ALL the time. You can tell it is a new technology for sure.
I’m sure that the Duluth City Council is worried about this issue due to safety. They think that they are a distraction to driving. I think that they are only a hazard if they are blinking. Sure, people are staring at them now because they are new, but it will wear off.
Chicago has a few of these billboards right on I-90 and they are very distracting because they blink and try to get your attention when you should be watching the road.
These boards are a good investment if they require little or no maintenance. More people get their message on the board, you can dictate when it is displayed if it is something time sensitve and the companies don’t have to pay huge printing bills.
I know my sister won a contest in high school for designing a billboard. However, the hurdle was that they didn’t have enough money to get it printed. If they had these boards at that time, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

By Ryan Tvenge

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