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After being introduced to a band called The Faint, I heard of a flash game that
was made in reflection to one of their songs, Dropkick the Punks. Sidenote, they
play a killer show. I saw them at First Ave over break.

So I played a game called Dropkick
The Faint
. It is really fun. It’s a bit violent, but if you take it
with a grain of salt, its not so bad. It’s very simple. All you do is hit
the space bar a number of times. You hit it once to get an accuracy and
again after you are running towards the punk to dropkick him. You get a
score based on how far the punk flies.

For the most part it was easy to use. At first I didn’t understand why I had
to push the space bar at the beginning because the accuracy bar is very small
in the top of the screen. Other than that, it did the trick. I killed a good
half an hour on this game.

By Ryan Tvenge

I'm a web developer and co-owner of Hoverboard that makes cool stuff on the web.

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