My thoughts on Squarespace (and other site builders)

Some Squarespace ads have rubbed me the wrong way. Honestly, its a little because it seems to threaten my business, but mostly because the ad-readers write off Web Design altogether (sometimes more subtle than others).I was reminded of this after I read Chris Enns’ post on Paying for Web Design vs Squarespace and it struck a cord with me. After […]

Design Facelift

It’s been many years since I have redesigned this website. As I’m spending most of my time building up Hoverboard these days, I couldn’t do a complete redesign, but I did give it a bit of a facelift yesterday. I’m not happy about how the vertical rhythm is currently, but the type is bigger, no […]

A Web Designer’s take iOS and iPhone 6

I’ve read countless reviews of iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6’s, but most, if not all are targeting generic end users. So I’d like to take a look at these new iOS offerings from Web Designer’s perspective. If you’d like a more technical breakdown of the changes in iOS 8 and the new phones, […]

Dogmatic Thinking in Web Development

Buddy Christ; from the film Dogma dog•ma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. As I was walking the dog yesterday (no pun, I swear), I was thinking about how a great deal of the #hotdrama in our industry lately stems from dogmatic thinking. It usually starts with someone […]

Using HTML5 form types

Note: This one gets a little ranty. One of the earlier things I learned how to use in html5 was form types. This sounds really complicated, but it’s actually really easy (that’s why I get so worked up about this). When these should be used When creating a form, at least one of those input’s […]