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Link: Know These Web Dev Building Blocks

I often think about the technologies I’ve learned over the past 8 years as a Front-End Developer and wonder what it must be like for someone coming into this field. I think the best answer is to take it one tool at a time.

This article is a great comprehensive list of what should be learned as a web developer.

Know These Web Dev Building Blocks

One part I had a little issue with was the section on Development Frameworks (i.e. Bootstrap). He isn’t wrong in saying that you should know how to use these, but I would add a caveat that these frameworks aren’t the silver bullet for every project. Just because you need, say a grid system, doesn’t mean you have to start with all of Bootstrap.

Overall, a great read!

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Great Podcast Episodes: Rethinking Microsoft’s Browser with Rey Bango

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and as I do with articles, I thought I’d start calling out some of the better episodes that I listen to.

In this episode of The Web Ahead, Jen talks with Rey Bango from Microsoft about what Project Spartan is and why this helps Microsoft make an even better browser/rendering engine. They have forked the Trident rendering engine and pulled out most of the proprietary/legacy junk of years past, but still giving the enterprise options for legacy intranet websites.

Rey also talks about the easiest way to test IE on any platform. Microsoft is very interested in making IE testing as frictionless as possible.

A great listen!

The Web Ahead: Rethinking Microsoft’s Browser with Rey Bango

Links of Interest

Article Roundup for 04.4.13


The Web Ahead: My new favorite podcast

Jen Simmons is doing having some really great in-depth conversations with other Web Designers and Developers. It may not have the fancy intro music but the content is stellar. It sure makes mowing the lawn go a lot quicker.


RegEx Pal

This is a great tool when writing out regular expressions. It helps me as I learn more and more about them.

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