Moving from Delicious to Pinboard for Article Roundups

A little “inside baseball” here. I had been using Delicious as a means to bookmark links for my Article Roundup posts (as well as a newsletter to colleages at my day job). Delicious has been through many pains over the years, being bought and sold by Yahoo! and building the app from the ground up. […]

Learning html/css

My wife had sent me a text asking me for a list of html/css (aka Front-End Development) resources for someone she knew. It didn’t take too long to get a list together of things I use, but I thought I really should put this out for anyone else. Free Courses: Code Academy Tuts+ Mozilla Developer […]

Batch Upgrading WordPress installs on server

PSA: You shouldn’t just willy nilly upgrade your WordPress installs. It’s best to test your upgrade in a staging environment. Every time a WordPress update comes out, I cringe having to update all the sites on my VPS server. I finally hunkered down today and got a shell script written to upgrade all WordPress installs […]

Making SSH logins super-quick

SSH access is pretty essential these days in web development. Especially if you have root access to a server, or using tools like Grunt, Git or Sass. But signing into them can be very time consuming. I just recently put together a straightforward workflow (OSX and Linux) for logging into a server via SSH. Using […]

Ugh. Checking out files with Perforce

If you are one of the unfortunates that have to use Perforce version control (I prefer Git), you may have the same annoyance I do: If you are like me and used to Git, where you don’t have to check out files, try this little ditty: Checkout your whole folder you are working on (for me, […]