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Green Box

The Challenge was to make some sort of product or kit to put into the given box. The other half of the challenge was to have the idea be something green or eco-friendly. The suppplies were also supposed to be friendly to the environment.
I started with making a list of 100 ideas that would fit into this 3.5″ x 15″ x 1.75″ box. The problem was that most of them were not eco-friendly. Then I narrowed it down to fourr ideas and expanded on each one of those. After looking at these for a while, I decided on the recipes.
My solution was to make a box that holds recipes, an assortment of herbs and spices, measuring spoons and a stand to hold your recipes.
It hold a mini rack for the spices, measuring spoons, a place for the recipes, and the fold up stand to hold the recipes on. I used design on some of the elements. I used a layout on the back side of the cover to show people what was in the box and it’s purpose. I also used typographic design in the recipe cards. And lastly, I used it on the spice rack to label the spices.
The reason why this constitutes being green design is because the recipes are healthy and all the herbs and spices are organic. I found it important to give a healthy lifestyle feel to this while using 30% post consumer waist paper throughout the box.
The list of materials is as follows:
Old measuring spoons thhat I found in a Friends house that were going to be thrown away. Cost – $0.00
Cardstock found at paperhog which is 30% post-consumer waist. Cost $0.15/sheet
Containers for spices found at my father’s office, being thrown away. Cost – $0.00

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