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BDwebTN.gif For the weekend, a group of us from the SDO went down to Mankato for ByDesign on the MSU campus. When we got there, we heard a lecture from Paul Wharton from Larsen Design. He had told us about some scenarios where things had gone wrong. Overall, it was good lecture.
The next day, we started off with our first workshop, which was Final Cut Pro Tutorial. Through this, a guy from Apple showed us the basics about Final Cut Pro. Although I had already knew about these things in FCP, it still got me fired up for some editing that I could do for my cousins wedding.
The next speech was Kate Pabst and Emily Eaton. They were partners in their own firm and had shared with us their success and falls while being in the industry. They talked about the evolution of the web and how they were the ones to help NWA get their site up. I thought it was exciting to hear that they were part of some of the first web sites ever made.
One of the other workshops was Macromedia Flash. It seemed that this gentleman, who had a background in graphic design as well as computer science, was talking a bit over all of our heads. But it was still very interesting to see the possibilities of flash.
One of the best parts of the weekend was going out with all of UMD and MSU students to BW3’s and other such establishments. Much fun was had. There was talk later of having UMD’s SDO doing something like this next year. Only time will tell.
Overall, it was a VERY fun weekend, and I learned a lot about other school’s GD departments.

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