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ppcSm.jpg Our client project for the semester was working with Jamie Harvie, who was with The Institute for Sustainable Future. His goal was to educate more people in how to use products that were friendlier to the environment and to make sure that there was no misuse of antibiotics on farm animals. The way that he got this message out was to use these characters that he had made up over the years.
Our job was to use these characters and create a campaign called The Anti-Biotics Revolution Revolution, or ABXRR. So we started brainstorming with Jamie as to how we were going to accomplish this. He had a great amount of ideas for us and we started to sketch and get these ideas to paper. We had Erik and Trevor do the preliminary illustrations and the rest of us worked on color schemes and layouts of different ideas.
We had a problem with communication with our client at times. Near the end of the project, we had a whole set of cards, post cards, berets, pledge sheets and a logo set out, but it turned out to not be what Jamie was envisioning. So we did not get a final product to our client that he had liked in the end.
I had learned a few things when working in this group. First, if there is no leader, one should be appointed, because it wasn’t clear who was to make decisions. Also, I learned that you have to be a little more forceful with your client if they can’t make up their mind, or it is unclear what they want. There were many things that my group and I could have done different to make this a smoother process. Even though we didn’t come out with a final product, I still came away with some useful lessons throughout the whole experience.

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