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A Busy Week…

This last week has been pretty busy for me. Between school, work, and Apple announcements, it’s been a little overwelming.

Things at work have been getting better over this last week. We got out of the dishroom at 8pm on Wednesday. I think we are finally getting the hang of this new dish system, and we are hiring new people.

My classes are getting kinda hectic a bit. My partner has seemed to drop off the face of the earth for my Senior D class. We are creating a company called Vité, a quick service, Italian resturaunt. It should be fun to create a brand identity.

On Tuesday, Steve Jobs was out for a new keynote for an event they called “It’s Showtime!” They ended up announcing a cheaper iPod, an iPod mini-looking Nano, and “The world’s smallest MP3 player,” a new Shuffle.

But one of the big announcements was something Steve called iTV. It is a set top box for your home theatre. It will get your audio, and more importantly video content to your TV and home stereo. The catch is that it will be available at MacWorld in January of ’07.

I’m also planning a trip to CP again. Go figure, huh? Gonna experience Halloweekends for the first time. Matt and I are heading out there October 20th. Should be a good time, and fun to see the Ex-Em-Con crew.

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