Apple Thunderbolt Display: as overpriced as we think?

I’m in the market for a 13″ MacBook Pro over the next month or so. I love the idea of it’s portability, but I’m not sure I could work directly off it every day at my desk. Which brings me to looking for a monitor. I’m currently using a 27″ non-thunderbolt Cinema Display (which I’ll have to be […]

Wedding Photos

On a personal note, we got the first run at our wedding pictures! This was one thing about the wedding I wanted to have a say in, and Marc and Leda did an terrific job! Check out the photo album on the Studio306 site.  

This one’s for you you Chris…

I’m going to start this blog off with the typical statement…It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Sorry. I’ve been…well…I’ve been drinking too much and between that and trying to get a job in the field of Graphic Design, I’ve been a bit busy. So this is what I’ve been up to. I […]

gone EMO at Cedar Point

It was another AMAZING trip to Cedar Point. In the words of Courtney after getting off Dragster, “Oh my Fucking GOD!” Yes it was THAT amazing. We started off by leaving D-town at about 2pm. It took us about 12 hours to get there in the Exploder. But we finally arrived in Sandusky at 3am […]

It’s Been Awhile…

Sorry about this. I haven’t posted in…ahh…well since new iPods. A lot has happened over this time, and I’ll probably forget some stuff. Well, I am on the verge of finishing the So by next week it should be done. Check it out here. You’ll know if it’s the new one or not. Now […]