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This one’s for you you Chris…

I’m going to start this blog off with the typical statement…It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Sorry. I’ve been…well…I’ve been drinking too much and between that and trying to get a job in the field of Graphic Design, I’ve been a bit busy. So this is what I’ve been up to.

I had my senior show, got the miniMediaCenter up and running, (200 movies strong and growing daily thanx to Blockbuster online). School hasn’t been too hard but, I’ve been drinking a lot on the weekends. This is my last semester of school…ever, so I thought I should live it up while I can. Matt shitting on my bedroom floor, Caesar telling the girl I’m making out with that I have an ingrown toenail. There are stories. The rents have been ragging on me to get a job. I have been on the path to a job.

I went to portfolio one-on-one a few weeks ago. This was freakin’ awsome and anyone who didn’t go was really dumb not to. I recieved a lot of good feed back on my portfolio. That lead into an eventual interview and Metropolitan Media Group. I’ll find out on Monday if I got the job or not.

This post might seem a bit off the wall because…you guessed it…I’m drinking. So enjoy what I’ve given you. I’ll be back later.

By Ryan Tvenge

I'm a web developer and co-owner of Hoverboard that makes cool stuff on the web.

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Well, it certainly was fun to have that show up in the GReader list, I cracked up when I saw the title-

Congrats on graduation and have an awesome summer! Best of luck with the job!

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