Increasing Productivity in Windows with Launchy

Being mostly a mac guy, it pains me to say that because I use a PC at work, I work on a PC more than a Mac. That being said, I have to make these 40 hours a week as productive and as painless as possible. One of my coworkers had told me about Launchy, a tool that gives you a Spotlight/Quicksilver experience on a PC.

This tool has exponentially increased my productivity. No more Start Menu, Quick Launch, or messy desktops. A simple alt+space bar will pull up Launchy and you can type any program, document or folder.

Download here

PC or Mac, I really suggest some sort of application launcher. If you are on the Mac, check out spotlight. It’s already installed. Just press command+space bar to activate.

By Ryan Tvenge

I'm a web developer and co-owner of Hoverboard that makes cool stuff on the web.

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Back when I was primarily a PC guy, Ryan told me of this “Launchy” and I loved it. By not having to reach for the mouse to click icons and quick launch shortcuts to start another application Launchy allows you to stay on the keyboard longer. Less movement back and forth to the mouse, more productivity.

Thanks Ryan!

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