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Well the first week of school has been very busy. I have class on Tuesday and Thursday from 8am – 2pm. I am excited for most of my classes.

Work has been very interesting after getting a brand new dish machine. This equals working til 9pm, ughhhh. It gets very stressful when there are 20 speedracks of dishes waiting to be washed. I hope we can improve on our efficiancy a lot more.

We did meet our neighbors. We knew the Best Buy guys to the one side of us, but we just met the people on the other side. Andrew, who lived in OUR house last year, had his parents buy the house and he is renting it out to a girl from Wyoming and 2 exchange students from North Korea. They had a bonfire in there backyard on Tuesday night. While we were there, we also met the girls that live next to them. They go to Scholastica, and they are having “black and white” party on Saturday night, so we will be there for sure.

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