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They Beat Me To The Punch

Yes another blog about Cedar Point, but not entirely. I’m shying away little by little.

One of the items on my list when going to Cedar Point was my DiggNation shirt. I was going to wear it on Dragster so I could mail it into DiggNation. Well, I forgot to wear the shirt…and some other guy stole my idea. He sent his on-ride dragster pic with his DN shirt. BOO for that. I was kinda pissed, but glad to know that there are some CP junkies that watch diggnation.

In other news, I’m up in D-Town now, settled down with the most of the roommates, minus Eric A. So it’s me, Caesar, Matt and Erik. We went to alittle get-to-gether next door last night, took some shots, played some beerpong, etc.

I’m starting in the DC tomorrow with the Spankin’ new dish machine. Woop Woop. Making some money before school starts on Tuesday.

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