Using criticalCSS with Gulp.js

I have a site that is using Gulp.js as its task runner. I wanted to use criticalCSS on the site and because there isn’t a Gulp plugin quite yet, I had to roll it myself. I’m going to try and tackle writing the plugin myself, but for the time being, here is a quick script to […]

Using criticalCSS in WordPress

I’ve been obsessed with optimizing websites for awhile, and one big hurdle to a faster website is “render-blocking” JavaScript and CSS. This came up as I was trying to get a high score on Google PageSpeed Insights. Google recommends you move these scripts and css files to the bottom of the DOM (just before the […]

SVG Wonkiness in Safari 5.1

I had a client who was still rocking an old school iMac that was running OSX Snow Leopard. That’s the latest version you can install, and as a result, can only upgrade to Safari 5.1. As I was using SVG in <img> tags on this site, they were rendering really oddly. It was as if […]


In the iOS world, when you click on a Google Maps link, it opens in the native maps app. Let’s just do a quick hypothical. What if those maps links decided not to work anymore. I think the “maps:” href format is a little more future proof. I’ve written some JavaScript (note not jQuery) that […]

CSS3 Drop Down Menus

Surprisingly enough, I haven’t seen that many drop-down menus online that have the following: Still work without JavaScript (css-based) tabbing through menus functional So I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is. Here is the Ryan Tvenge rendition of Dropdown Menus. The html The CSS CSS3 Transition Fading Option If you add a […]