Ruby/Homebrew breaking with OS X 10.10 Yosemite Upgrade

Warning: I’m assuming if you have homebrew installed then you are familiar with the command line. If you aren’t familiar, don’t attempt this or ask someone that is. Apple updated Ruby from 1.8 to 2.0 in Yosemite, so homebrew might not work and you’ll see an error like this: If you haven’t upgraded to Yosemite yet, […]

Batch Upgrading WordPress installs on server

PSA: You shouldn’t just willy nilly upgrade your WordPress installs. It’s best to test your upgrade in a staging environment. Every time a WordPress update comes out, I cringe having to update all the sites on my VPS server. I finally hunkered down today and got a shell script written to upgrade all WordPress installs […]

Making SSH logins super-quick

SSH access is pretty essential these days in web development. Especially if you have root access to a server, or using tools like Grunt, Git or Sass. But signing into them can be very time consuming. I just recently put together a straightforward workflow (OSX and Linux) for logging into a server via SSH. Using […]

Busting client-side js/css in WordPress

When was the last time you made a change to a site and the Project Manager or client says something to the affect of “I don’t see the change.” Then you have to tell show them how to clear their cache so the css of js change you made gets updated, not to mention that […]

Expanding underline navigation with css

I was working on a client site last week, and had mocked up a regular ol’ text navigation with a border-bottom on it. I was gonna just put a border on it and call it a day, but I wanted to do something more with a sort of animation. I decided to make the line […]