Ruby/Homebrew breaking with OS X 10.10 Yosemite Upgrade

Warning: I’m assuming if you have homebrew installed then you are familiar with the command line. If you aren’t familiar, don’t attempt this or ask someone that is. Apple updated Ruby from 1.8 to 2.0 in Yosemite, so homebrew might not work and you’ll see an error like this: If you haven’t upgraded to Yosemite yet, […]

SVG Wonkiness in Safari 5.1

I had a client who was still rocking an old school iMac that was running OSX Snow Leopard. That’s the latest version you can install, and as a result, can only upgrade to Safari 5.1. As I was using SVG in <img> tags on this site, they were rendering really oddly. It was as if […]

Ugh. Checking out files with Perforce

If you are one of the unfortunates that have to use Perforce version control (I prefer Git), you may have the same annoyance I do: If you are like me and used to Git, where you don’t have to check out files, try this little ditty: Checkout your whole folder you are working on (for me, […]

Using CMS Made Simple with Nginx

I am pretty much a WordPress guy these days, but I do have one legacy site on CMS Made Simple. I was migrating it over to my new Ubuntu server running Nginx, and was having issues. The Issue CMS Made Simple was thinking for some reason that the site was using SSL. I’m guessing the […]