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State Fair

My sister and I headed out to the great Minnesota Get-Together tonight. It was a good time as usual, eating Pronto Pups, Sweet Martha’s Cookies, S’mores, Hawaiin Ices, Cheese Curds, and Dairy Building Ice Cream.

I ran into some familiar faces as well. We saw Ashley, and old co-worker from Byerly’s. We also saw Courtney, after she called me a million times on my cell to get my attention.

Oh…and the DDR. We were drawing a crowd for sure. Fun as usual, but I forgot the name of the Jap-Rap song, but Victor wouldn’t answer his phone during a movie…pffff. I can’t wait to get back to school. First thing I’m doing…plowing the dust off the old PS2 and bust out the DDR pads. It’s a great cardio workout.

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