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A Busy Week…

This last week has been pretty busy for me. Between school, work, and Apple announcements, it’s been a little overwelming.

Things at work have been getting better over this last week. We got out of the dishroom at 8pm on Wednesday. I think we are finally getting the hang of this new dish system, and we are hiring new people.

My classes are getting kinda hectic a bit. My partner has seemed to drop off the face of the earth for my Senior D class. We are creating a company called Vité, a quick service, Italian resturaunt. It should be fun to create a brand identity.

On Tuesday, Steve Jobs was out for a new keynote for an event they called “It’s Showtime!” They ended up announcing a cheaper iPod, an iPod mini-looking Nano, and “The world’s smallest MP3 player,” a new Shuffle.

But one of the big announcements was something Steve called iTV. It is a set top box for your home theatre. It will get your audio, and more importantly video content to your TV and home stereo. The catch is that it will be available at MacWorld in January of ’07.

I’m also planning a trip to CP again. Go figure, huh? Gonna experience Halloweekends for the first time. Matt and I are heading out there October 20th. Should be a good time, and fun to see the Ex-Em-Con crew.

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Maverick Is On The Way

IT’S HERE!!! The 2007 coaster for Cedar Point, Maverick. What? Not a record breaker? What’s so special about a 107 foot coaster?

Maybe CP is finally going for a coaster that is just pure fun. In my opinion, it doesn’t have to be 500 feet tall with 10 inversions to be the best coaster in the world. Is this the dawning of a new age for Cedar Point? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Here is a quick breakdown: 107 ‘ tall, 2.5 min long, 70 mph, $21 million price tag. The cars will be 12 passenger trains, so 2 cars will be on the circuit at once. The second half of the ride has a LSM (magnetically accelerated) launch. You just have to see the animation for yourself.

So bring on the hype!!! This is 2007 season at our doorstep.

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Back to School

Well the first week of school has been very busy. I have class on Tuesday and Thursday from 8am – 2pm. I am excited for most of my classes.

Work has been very interesting after getting a brand new dish machine. This equals working til 9pm, ughhhh. It gets very stressful when there are 20 speedracks of dishes waiting to be washed. I hope we can improve on our efficiancy a lot more.

We did meet our neighbors. We knew the Best Buy guys to the one side of us, but we just met the people on the other side. Andrew, who lived in OUR house last year, had his parents buy the house and he is renting it out to a girl from Wyoming and 2 exchange students from North Korea. They had a bonfire in there backyard on Tuesday night. While we were there, we also met the girls that live next to them. They go to Scholastica, and they are having “black and white” party on Saturday night, so we will be there for sure.

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They Beat Me To The Punch

Yes another blog about Cedar Point, but not entirely. I’m shying away little by little.

One of the items on my list when going to Cedar Point was my DiggNation shirt. I was going to wear it on Dragster so I could mail it into DiggNation. Well, I forgot to wear the shirt…and some other guy stole my idea. He sent his on-ride dragster pic with his DN shirt. BOO for that. I was kinda pissed, but glad to know that there are some CP junkies that watch diggnation.

In other news, I’m up in D-Town now, settled down with the most of the roommates, minus Eric A. So it’s me, Caesar, Matt and Erik. We went to alittle get-to-gether next door last night, took some shots, played some beerpong, etc.

I’m starting in the DC tomorrow with the Spankin’ new dish machine. Woop Woop. Making some money before school starts on Tuesday.

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State Fair

My sister and I headed out to the great Minnesota Get-Together tonight. It was a good time as usual, eating Pronto Pups, Sweet Martha’s Cookies, S’mores, Hawaiin Ices, Cheese Curds, and Dairy Building Ice Cream.

I ran into some familiar faces as well. We saw Ashley, and old co-worker from Byerly’s. We also saw Courtney, after she called me a million times on my cell to get my attention.

Oh…and the DDR. We were drawing a crowd for sure. Fun as usual, but I forgot the name of the Jap-Rap song, but Victor wouldn’t answer his phone during a movie…pffff. I can’t wait to get back to school. First thing I’m doing…plowing the dust off the old PS2 and bust out the DDR pads. It’s a great cardio workout.

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